Lindy's Homemade Italian Ice

Social Engagement Campaign

Melting competition in the
crowded frozen novelty aisle

Lindy’s Homemade is a traditional Italian ice brand available at grocers and big box retailers across the country. The brand partnered with South to increase brand awareness, differentiate the product in a crowded category, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales growth in key markets.

The Challenge

Grocery shoppers are more agnostic with their choices than ever before. Shopper preferences have changed increasingly to be more retailer-agnostic, brand-agnostic, and daypart-agnostic. Authentic, curated content will become the new loyalty battleground for brand-agnostic consumers researching and evaluating options on mobile devices.

The Solution

Digital drives in-store traffic. CPG shoppers have on average 11 interactions with digital content prior to making a purchase. South leveraged this digital consumer behavior to create a year-long, multichannel digital marketing and social media campaign designed to position the brand as the routine indulgence among frozen novelty shoppers.

South has done a tremendous job building a digital platform for Lindy's. During this past year, our digital footprint has grown on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We have built a loyal consumer base and broadened our overall brand awareness through South’s creative approach to our business.”
VP, sales and marketing

The Results

Increase in organic social media followers.
  • 1.7 average
    SERP position achieved
    through SEM.

  • $0.31 CPC
    achieved through
    Pinterest ads.

  • 16.36% increase
    in new website visitors.

  • 5.82% average
    in Facebook
    audience reach.

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