Transforming a traditional B2B sales
organization into a digital marketing
and customer acquisition platform

Apperson is a leading manufacturer of K-12 educational testing products sold throughout the U.S. The brand partnered with South to disrupt its existing sales and marketing model and create a digital go-to-market approach targeting its ultimate end-user: teachers.

The Challenge

Apperson faced a significant dilemma in retaining its existing customer base for the brand’s standardized testing products in the wake of educational reform, while also launching and driving awareness for its new SEL (social and emotional learning) software platform.

The Solution

South developed a year-long campaign to engage directly with teachers through digital content designed to balance traditional, mandated classroom objectives with new learning technologies. This highly captive audience was then leveraged to influence purchase decisions at the administrative level.

South provided the needed expertise and guidance to help transform Apperson’s marketing strategy into a successful content and data-driven digital model. Keeping our target audience in focus, South integrated our digital marketing efforts and social media channels to drive actual business results.”

The Results

Customer lifetime value achieved through Google Display and paid search conversions of free software trials.
  • 320% increase
    in website traffic
    from social referrals.

  • 92% decrease
    in cost per conversion for
    PPC ads.

  • 40% decrease
    in cost per conversion for
    Google Display ads.

  • 55% increase
    in engaged social
    community users.

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