Wooden Robot Brewery

Community Awareness Campaign

Creating community growth,
foot traffic, and fan engagement
for a new craft beer

Wooden Robot Brewery is one of the newest craft breweries in the region. The brand approached South to celebrate its one-year anniversary in-market among a craft beer audience and build a community of loyal social followers and brewery patrons.

The Challenge

Following a year in market, Wooden Robot
was struggling to organically grow its social
media presence, brand awareness, and
community engagement in a crowded local
marketplace renowned nationally for its craft
breweries and distilleries.

The Solution

South created a social media campaign designed to position Wooden Robot as a “consumption ritual” among local and regional craft beer consumers by aligning with the audience’s preference for local and environmentally sustainable products and reflecting the segment’s idea of sophistication and education.

With many craft beer choices in Charlotte, we knew the importance of standing out as we approached our first anniversary and driving people to our taproom - momentum was key. South created original content for our social channels that increased engagement among our loyal Wooden Robot fans and also grew our community organically, reaching consumers new to the craft brew scene."

The Results

Organic increase in total social media community users over a two-month span.
  • 52.3% increase
    in engaged social community users.

  • 157.6% increase
    in Facebook audience reach.

  • 3.6% increase
    in Facebook community engagement rate.

  • 36% increase
    in conversions from
    social referrals.

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