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It’s easy for customers to use social media to communicate their dissatisfaction with a brand. All it takes is a quick post update and “send.” Done.

The convenience of posting on social media versus waiting on-hold has accounted for a large jump in consumer-brand engagements. According to Edison Research, 42% of consumers who attempt to contact a brand, product, or company through social media for customer support expect a response within 60 minutes.

It’s evident we live in the moment: people want a response right away when they’re upset or have questions. How you respond is key to building and repairing damaged relationships with consumers.

Here are a few quick tips for using social media as a customer service tool:


Respond to the negative. Respond to the positive. Take the opportunity to be active in conversations with social media users. Taking the initiative to show up and listen in these conversations shows a level of care, opening the door for quick and amicable resolutions.

Take the Conversation Offline

There are situations when the conversation really needs to leave public threads. Use the private message feature to reach out to customers and collect additional information. Once information is collected, the next point is very important.

Create an Internal Team

Often times the team that monitors a brand’s social media accounts is not the same team that responds to customer service requests. It’s imperative to have internal support and employees available to handle social media customer service requests. Once you establish a desire to rectify situations with customers on social media, the follow-through will be what helps decrease additional negative engagements.

Create Template Responses

Take the guesswork out of your community management by creating template responses in advance. If needed, these responses can be pre-approved by the appropriate parties so they’re available when needed. By showing consideration and responding to customer service needs in advance, your message will be on brand, compliant, and free of in-the-moment emotions.

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One thought on “How To Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool”

  1. Nice article Tara. All are great points but out of all I like the very first point the most. “Respond”, respond to every comment. Yes, you are right, respect each comment no matter it is a negative or positive one. If it is positive, greet commenter with thanks and if it is negative, come up with an effective and positive reply.

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