Always Remember

There are two things to always remember when writing content that will be distributed and consumed through various digital channels.

1. Less Is More

For today’s hyper-engaged, highly connected consumer, if you’re not bold, you’re background noise. There are more media options than ever before so attention spans are shorter than ever before. The only way to capture eyeballs and headspace is to make your audience feel something right away. Make them curious. Make them concerned. Make them laugh. Whatever it takes. Boldness is seldom long-winded, so write less that means more.

2. Empathy

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” In the same way, you can’t write to somebody until you’ve pretended to be them, staring at screens of various sizes. Before you hit ‘Enter’ and send your copy into the internet forever, ask yourself: “Would I care about this?” If not, please revise. As your own worst critic, it’s on you to make sure your words resonate.


Change the Channel

Each channel is a different animal and must be treated as such. Here’s what you need to know about the Big Five so you can write effectively and natively within each platform’s unique ecosystem.


MVP. Facebook recently announced that more than 1 billion people see an ad through its Facebook Audience Network every month. That’s about a seventh of the entire world population, every month. The company rules all in terms of digital advertising and they know it, which is why you have to pay to play. Opt in and optimize. We can teach you how.


Business casual, literally. Log in and you’ll find professional profiles for everyone in your network. You’ll also find a lot of inspirational quotes, pending invitations from strangers, and prompts to “Try Premium for free.” Keep your copy a little more buttoned up, but don’t forget it’s still social media.


Think Spark Notes for life. It moves fast, covering everything from current events and celebrity gossip to sports and complaints about the DMV. The algorithm changes a lot so don’t get too comfortable. There’s a character limit of 140 so bookmark a URL shortener. Consider it a real-time test of your ability to write concise, engaging copy.


A breath of fresh photos. Copy takes a backseat, but that’s okay. Instagram is driven by pictures and video. The platform provides a unique opportunity for your brand to express itself visually. Write to explain. Write to provide context. Write to complement.


Good blogs are long-form but not in a traditional sense. They’re informative and personal, written in a way that puts the writer and the reader on the same level while still providing value. Make sure your blog is worth the time and effort it takes to read.

Looking for more tips? Find out how to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns in three easy ways.

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