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We’ve seen it, over and over again. We cringe each time, over and over again. There are three big no-nos we see many companies make in social media. No fear, we’re here to save the day and lead you back to the light of social media goodness.

Leap Then Look

Everyone is on Instagram! Everyone is on Pinterest! Everyone uses Snapchat! Let’s do all of the social media platforms!

Wait. Hold up. Before you leap into doing a social media platform, ANY social media platform, have a purpose in place first:

Why is your company going to be on Instagram?
What is the mission behind your Pinterest account?
Who are you trying to reach and how will you reach them?

Whenever we recommend a client be on a certain social media platform, we always have a purpose of why, what, how, when, who, etc.

Instagram may be a growing platform, but it’s not necessarily the best place for every company. LinkedIn may be the bread and butter for some while Pinterest and Instagram may be the best for others.

Before you leap, look first into what would fit your business, where your target audience is and how you’ll use the platform to best represent your brand.

Look at Us

To simply put it: are you going to interrupt your audience’s news feed or are you going to join in on the conversation?

Many times my news feed is interrupted with companies making posts about them and their products + services. They’re missing a very important point in social media: engaging with their audience. It is a very much “me” social media world: what’s in it for me, what can I share to show my followers more about me, this company gets me so I’m going to engage with them…you get it.

There is a place and time to promote your product + services. I fully believe it can be done on social media, but to be successful with engaging posts, you must be smart about it.

Don’t talk AT your audience, talk with them.


Give it Time or Not Give it Time

Whether you’re starting a new platform or a new campaign on social media, it’s important to know when to give something time to develop + grow and when to know to axe it.

When developing a new campaign or recommending a new platform to our clients, a lot of research, strategy and gut feelings go into it. We’re not always right, there are times we miss the bullseye. When we do, we know when it’s time to move ahead to something new.

Often times companies do two things:

1 – They do not give enough time to allow new initiatives to take life.
2 – They do what they’ve always done and ignore red flags that certain initiatives are not working.

It’s a tricky game. We know this. A key sense of listening, experience, research and incredible gut feelings go along way.

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