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Moving into 2017, digital marketing and social media continue to play an ever-increasing role in the overall marketing initiatives for brands. Marketing spend on digital is still on the rise as more and more digital channels provide effective and measurable results (when leveraged smartly). This is why I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a digital agency that continues to maintain a bleeding-edge perspective on navigating the strategic and executional challenges of this landscape.

South is a digital marketing and social media agency built from the ground up to create positive change. Marketing in the social and digital ecosystem is not a one-way conversation. Audiences are engaged. And for brands, that engagement is a powerful thing if you can wield it effectively. This perspective comes from a deep understanding that consumers (digitally-savvy audiences) have their own unique voice and crave experiences that are genuine to their interests. This is why we believe the best approach is to leverage research and insights to create opportunities for genuine, honest connections. This results in a positive sentiment born from an authentic connection between brand and audience.

And that creates a positive win-win for everyone.

Our secret sauce (and yes, it will remain secret) is rooted in our proven strategic process combined with an exceptional creative team. This has led South to a brand voice that is genuine, intelligent, and uniquely bold. Being genuine with our clients and our clients’ target audiences requires the agency to be a strong partner. It often results in the agency taking a very bold stance against a client’s desires in defense of the audience needs and insights we derive from laborious research. We attribute this to being born digital and it is one of our more valued qualities. It means we have to be bold and smart in almost all the decisions we make because everything we do is measurable…and that makes us accountable for our client’s success.

To better live these promises and further distinguish South as a unique, best-in-class digital marketing and social media agency, we have evolved our visual identity. The biggest change is in voice and tone, which inspired modifications to the overall look and feel. I am most excited about Plum, the new primary brand color. The dark purple is a fresh look for the digitally-savvy agency. It is bold when it needs to be, yet has a soft, genuine side that suits the position perfectly.



The wordmark has also seen an uplift with a more modern type treatment that brings thick and thin variants, allowing the “O” in South to stand out in a more significant way. The “O” is unofficially coined the “compass,” and speaks to the directional significance of South (a nod to the agency being headquartered in Charlotte, NC), and its stance of having an insight-driven direction to everything it does. “Agency” has also been included in the mark as a defining word to emphasize the genuine strategic partnership we have with our clients. As opposed to a boutique creative agency or a digital agency specialized in only technical development, South prides itself on having a strong account services team supported by strategists, marketing managers, community managers, and data analysts to help drive results with everything we do.

So without giving away all the secrets to the secret sauce, I am excited to announce this new voice, tone, and look for South. If you currently work with us, thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. If you are new to the South brand, I am excited to share more with you in the coming year. Our doors are always open.



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