You already know us, but you’re still probably wondering what we’re doing with your brand on Instagram. Allow us to explain:

We’ve had our eyes on you for a really long time. We love your products and we love what you’re doing online. On top of that, our company’s culture and purpose align perfectly with your passion for adventure and living beyond walls. That’s why we ditched the office and ventured out to Mountain Island Lake to capture the majesty of North Carolina’s great outdoors through ChromaPop™.

It was harder than it sounds, but we managed to invent the perfect device for portraying what it’s like to experience nature through the world’s most advanced polarized lens. The Libby 300, tentatively named after our Design intern who engineered the build, is made out of hair clips, nerf ammo and plastic silverware. It’s ChromaPop™ like you’ve never seen it before. Patent pending.

Check out what we’ve been up to below. If you like what you see and want to see more, let’s talk about it.

All of us here at Myjive

ChromaPop™ Vision

The world looks better in ChromaPop™. Here’s a teaser.

Behind The Scenes

SMITH_Libb300-2 SMITH_Libb300 Daniel using the Libb300

Five of us packed up some camera gear and spent the “work” day out filming on Mountain Island Lake in North Carolina, just fifteen miles from our office in Charlotte. Hit play to see what it looks like to love your job.

Brett McCoy
Engagement Director


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