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One of the best months of the year…National Pizza Month. A time to celebrate all things pizza, including a few of the best pizza ads and promotions that have kept our mouths watering. Here are the top three we marked in our books as pizza-rific (was that a bit cheesy?):

Domino’s Twitter campaign

In spring 2015, Domino’s offered a new way to order pizza: Tweet your order at Domino’s with a single pizza emoji.

To introduce this new feature they congested Twitter Feeds with unreadable, 140-character pizza emoji sentences. The stunt caught the attention of many puzzled users who began tweeting back the pizza symbols.      


Even though this confused the Twittersphere, this strategy takes into consideration how younger generations are interacting with brands and purchasing products. Already, 50% of Domino’s orders take place digitally so, integrating a social media platform for convenience is genius. In addition, they seamlessly intertwined pop culture’s use of emoticons with the Domino’s brand experience, causing customers to stop scrolling and engage.

Why we love it:

  • creative integration of pop culture into promotion
  • ability to combine social experience with brand
  • ability to capture interest and attention of audience and other brands (even J.C. Penney played along!)

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Domino’s The Noid

Remember The Noid?

This 1980s character’s mission was to deter pizza lovers from getting hot, fresh pizza. The campaign idea was that Domino’s Pizza would be Noid-proof. The character gained popularity with customers as video games around his premise were launched. Creating a branded, interactive experience all leading back to Domino’s Pizza.

Unfortunately, The Noid decade was cut short when a man, who believed Domino’s devised the clay gremlin to harass him, took two Domino’s employees hostage. The company soon after pulled the mascot; however, he did make a recent appearance riding a motorcycle in the 2016 “Pizza Payback” commercial. Looks like America will never be able to fully “Avoid The Noid.”

Why we love it:

  • creative approach to tie-in the benefit (hot, fresh pizza)
  • memorable with a fun character and tagline
  • opportunity for additional sales from merchandise

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Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza

Our lives were changed forever when Pizza Hut came out with the stuffed crust pizza in the mid-1990s. Accompanying this new product was a celeb studded ad campaign featuring figures like Donald and Ivana Trump, musical geniuses such as Ringo Star and The Monkees, and basketball stars Denis Rodman and David Robinson.

While these playful commercials are some of the “cheesiest” on the market, the campaign convinced consumers that eating pizza the wrong way — crust first— was the new right. The stuffed crust pizza product helped to increase Pizza Hut Sales by 300 million, breaking their sales record according to their own website.

Reasons For Picking Campaign

  • product + promotion increased sales by 300 million
  • celeb endorsements that are still being talked about today

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What’s your all-time favorite pizza marketing? Comment below!

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