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When it comes to trends in any sense—fashion, interiors, hairstyles, tattoos (especially tattoos)—feeding into trends is something you have to balance and apply appropriately. You don’t want to “put lipstick on a pig,” but instead, use trends thoughtfully. Here are three of my favorite design trends, and how to make them withstand the test of time, like this guy.



If you step foot into my apartment, it’d be no shock that one of my favorite design trends is the comeback of the “Modern” retro style (if there was a succulent design trend, I’d probably be all about that, too). For me, it’s not just the perfect combo of colors and graphics that make it a favorite, but instead the backbones of mid-century design. This movement was all about producing quality, functional, rich design like the classic Eames lounge chair. I don’t think everyone should be plopping retro tones onto every piece, but take to heart its timeless way of thinking.




I think we’re seeing minimalist design more and more when it comes to UX and digital icons. Icons and buttons are no longer clunky with a nice combo of outer glows and drop shadows, but now sleek and a design in and of themselves. Today’s users don’t have to be so explicitly directed on how to navigate digital experiences. This gives designers an opportunity to trust the users to decode a more sophisticated, simplistic and almost abstract language of iconography.

Spotify is a perfect example of a UX redesign that created an experience that was not only simple and natural to navigate, but also made it possible to visually highlight the core of what Spotify stands for—to enjoy and feel something though music. The minimalistic trend will be another to stick around as it will never be “untrendy” to trim designs down to the root of what is important to a product. #LessIsMore



The artist in me loves the comeback of hand lettering and illustrations. It’s a great way to add unique, one-of-a-kind elements to a piece. It’s also a whole lot harder than it looks. Puzzle-piecing together different elements and polishing them in a way that doesn’t look like my 4 year old nephew’s doodles is definitely a learned skill.

If you have the time and commitment, the art of calligraphy is one trend that won’t ever go out of style. It practices discipline, balance of symmetry, elegant movement and emotion. Seventy-five percent of my Instagram feed is calligraphy posts, and I’m still managing to butcher this art. 

I think the most important thing to remember when you’re in awe of a cool new trend is to always make sure it makes sense for your project.

With that said, go inspiration-trend crazy.

Comment below with your favorite design trends of the year:

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