In the South, we know food. Sometimes, people may say our emotions are directly connected to how full our stomach is, but we digress.

When visiting the South, there are a few must-visit restaurants on our list. Your tastebuds will thank you:


Heirloom in Charlotte:
Known for it’s locally sourced food, the menu is setup to order in courses…3 – 12, depending upon your hunger level. All courses are available a la carte so choose the journey you’d like to take.


B. Matthews Eatery in Savannah:
Brunch at B. Matthews is a thing everyone should try. Today and tomorrow….and the next day. Start out with a B. Matthew’s Bellini (Leopold’s Peach Whiskey, Rothman’s orchard peach liqueur, cava), go for the biscuits and gravy or for the shrimp and grits.


OooWee BBQ in Charlotte:
What speaks more to the South than BBQ? And delicious BBQ at that. With a tagline of “You name it, We smoke it.” you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget the Mac and Cheese, Cole Slaw and baked beans!


Lee Cafe in South Carolina:
So good, it doesn’t even need a website. A large menu featuring Hibachi dishes, sushi and traditional Chinese meals. Possibly the best lil Chinese restaurant down the block in the entire South.


Krazy Fish in Charlotte:
An eclectic seafood restaurant with some of the wildest concoctions of tacos. Spicy Potato Cake Taco? Ok, ok we see what you’re doing! Don’t forget to try the Krazy Slaw.


Dish in Charlotte:
Fried Green Tomatoes…Deviled Eggs…Biscuits and Gravy…Collard Dip. THE Place to get Southern comfort food.


JCT Kitchen in Atlanta:
First, just go to their website. Yes and Yes.
Then, make sure you order the Deviled Eggs and end with the All-American Apple Pie.


Pappadeaux in Texas (ok, Southish):
If you love seafood, this is a restaurant not to pass up. The appetizer menu alone has Baked Mac & Cheese and Shrimp & Crawfish Fondeaux. (There’s pictures of each menu item on their website).


White Duck Taco Shop in Asheville:
Just know when you go here, there’s not an “off-time,” their line goes out the door, even in the middle of the afternoon. The tacos are worth it though, if they have the Pork Belly or Pulled Pork…seize it!


Little Pigs BBQ in Columbia:
If you pass it, you won’t know it…but don’t pass it. Just know if you go here, it’s a buffet and you won’t be eating anything else the rest of the day because you’ll want to gorge yourself. It’s THAT good.

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