You’re probably wondering two things: Who in the world is Myjive? And what are they doing with our brand on Instagram?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re a digital agency based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and our mission is to help ambitious brands evolve in a connected world. We’ve had our eyes on you for awhile. We love your products and we love your message. On top of that, our company’s culture and purpose align perfectly with your passion for enjoying the great outdoors, doing things the honest and pure way and sippin’ on really good tequila.

We want to know you. We want to partner with you. We want to help you inspire others to heed their own call from Texas to Maine to North Carolina to Oregon and everywhere in between. And if you’re reading this, our plan is already working. All that’s left is a conversation.

Check out some of the stuff we’ve come up with for your brand below. If you like what you see and want to see more, let’s talk.

All of us here at Myjive

Myjive x Howler Bros

Howler---1 Howler - 2 Howler---3

When employees come on full time at Myjive our animator creates a unique character for them to have on their business cards and as plushies. From left to right, that’s Elliott (Digital Marketing Manager) rocking some board shorts, Albert (Partner/CFO) shading his eyes from the sun in a trucker hat and Ron (Parter/Creative Director) spilling a cup of joe. Note: that’s a bowtie on Ron, not a bikini top.



The world can be an uptight place so it’s Howler Bros’ responsibility to remind everybody to relax, let loose get outside. Stop taking everything so seriously and #STARTMONKEYINGAROUND.

Behind The Scenes

 Five of us packed up some camera gear and spent the “work” day out filming on Mountain Island Lake in North Carolina, just fifteen miles from our office in Charlotte. Hit play to see what it looks like to love your job.

Looking for a good time/new tequila shot buddy?
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