In (jack-o’-lantern) light of one of my favorite holidays, the only appropriate theme for October’s free font selections is “spooky.” So whenever you get sick of carving pumpkins and frolicking through aisles upon aisles of candy combo bags, read on for some of my favorite, freaky fonts.

In design school, I was always hesitant to stray too far outside the Helvetica box. But when I took a look around, I found that many of my favorite designs came from designers who were confident, trusting their eye enough to create something that stood out. So, my advice is to be fearless. Find a unique, bold typeface and have a little fun. Fun is why we all became designers in the first place, right?

One of my recent favorites is Another Danger. It reminds me of something you’d see on a vintage Wolfman poster. It’s unique. It’s a little messy. It sends a chill up your spine. Boo.

A good rule of thumb when using a funky header font like Another Danger is to pair it with a sleek, modern typeface like Aliens and Cows. Just be sure to keep the mixing and matching to a minimum. If there are too many, that perfect font pairing gets lost in the abyss.

Another thing to keep in mind when exploring the infinite universe of free fronts is that sites like also have awesome archives of free graphics. What’s better on Halloween than charming monsters like this Monsterocity download? Nothing.

So there you have it. Go snag some free fonts and free candy, if you dare. Comment below with your favorite Halloween themed fonts:

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