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Why are podcasts so popular? In an era where visuals and video rule the digital sharing world, why are people continuing to engage in an auditory only activity?

The Pew Research Center cites that 21% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month; a statistic that has increased 9 percentage points in three years.

Best Podcasts

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This growth could be attributed to a podcast’s ability to meet requirements that other mediums, one’s more focused on visual features, don’t allow. This can include:

  • The ability to speak in-depth on niche topics.
  • The listener’s opportunity to multitask while consuming content.
  • Digital ease of accessibility.
  • Simplicity of sharing content with others.

These four benefits make consuming podcasts interesting and intimate for listeners. If you have not been able to experience a podcast session, tryout one from the list below. They have been hand picked by the South team and consist of our favorite marketing, professional, and idea-sparking podcasts. Happy listening.

Marketing School

Everyone needs a short and digestible podcast. With Marketing School you get quick and actionable advice in 10 brief minutes.

Normal Run: 10 minutes

Frequency: Daily

Social Pros

Jay Baer and Adam Brown tackle what it is like to be a real social media professional. Their weekly guests share first hand experiences and insights from the social media profession. This podcast is not all technical; it touches on the topics of leadership and personal adversity, keeping the podcast interesting and refreshingly unique.

Normal Run: 45 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Social Media Marketing

Tired of reading for hours to keep up with industry news? Social Media Examiner publishes a weekly podcast called Social Media Marketing. Hosted by Michael Stelzner, the podcast speaks to social marketing, blogging, and business strategy. Use this podcast to learn something new while working on your to-do list.

Normal Run: 45 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Google Partners – What I’d Wish I’d Known

Try this agency specific podcast to learn about Google products, digital advertising and business. Each week Alex Langshur asks guests to define the top five lessons learned in their journey to success. Agency leaders, employees and even clients will gravitate towards the podcast’s wide-ranging perspectives and agency specific issues.

Normal Run: 25 minutes

Frequency: Biweekly

#Girlboss Radio

Connect and learn from other professional women with the #Girlboss podcast. Sophia Amoruso uses her time to speak with women who have left “their mark in creative, cultural and business ventures.” Each guest reflects on their careers and shares their beginnings. Feel inspired and gain the confidence you need to make your mark.

Normal Run: 45 min – 1 hour

Frequency: Weekly

How I Built This from NPR

Hear popular brands explain the ‘how’ behind the business. Each podcast will take you through the featured brand’s story — from its infancy to today. Their creators walk through the decisions that allowed the company to reach its current status. Take this opportunity to learn from their difficulties and incorporate their success into your own life and business.

Normal Run: 30 – 45 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

TED Radio Hour from NPR

If you like obscure topics, or just need some small talk talking points, this podcast is for you. Just like the TED Talks series, this podcast centers around the idea of limitless thinking. Learn about topics you probably never think about from pioneering individuals.

Normal Run: 1 hour

Frequency: Weekly

What podcast do you find exemplary? Share in a comment below.

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