Improve Engagement with Your Social Media Community

Earning attention from social media users isn’t easy and budgets aren’t infinite. Attention spans are short, algorithms are not favoring, and time is limited.

In this article we will share five ways you can boost engagement on social media.


Share Curated Content

Engaging content doesn’t have to be created from scratch every single time. Position your brand as an expert and thought leader by curating content around industry news or information that is valuable to your audience.

Additionally, share user-submitted content to save time and enhance relatability. Simply ask your audience to share images related to your brand or your overall brand message. By searching relevant hashtags, you can find opportunities to engage with users that haven’t followed your brand’s social media account(s). Just remember to ask directly for permission to share or use anyone’s images.


Timing Is Important

Focus your posting efforts on days and times when your audience is most active. You may find LinkedIn users are more likely to engage with your content throughout the weekday and Instagram users are more likely in the evenings.

News feeds move fast and missing a prime time to place content in front of user’s eyes could hurt your overall reach.


Develop Relationships – Be Human

There are opportunities to establish and build relationships with your community by simply being human. Be personable. Share content that evokes emotion (humor, happiness, warmness). Social media is the channel to connect with your audience by being part of a conversation, not interrupting news feeds to make it all about yourself.

Social media content can still be relevant to your brand without pushing sales or being strictly promotional.


Ask for Specific Calls to Action (CTA)

The short and sweet of it: what do you want? Ask for it. Directly.

Create content that makes it easy for your community to follow a specific CTA. It can be as simple and direct as “Like this post if you agree.” or “Comment below with an image of your home’s landscaping.”

Make it easy for the community to engage and give them a reason to follow a clear CTA.


Be Engaging

Last but not least: be engaging with your community and potential new followers. This includes responding to comments and messages and showing appreciation for your audience.

To further expand reach and awareness, search relevant hashtags, content, and accounts. Engage with content by other users. Give, give, and give. You’ll soon see the time and attention pay-off.


In summary:
To increase engagement on social media: share content from users, post when users are most active, be human in your content, use specific CTAs in your social posts, and engage with your community.

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